Driven to Distinction- UI PRSSA makes a lasting impression in Detroit

Greetings from the 2008 PRSSA National Conference in Detroit!

We stepped off the plane yesterday but we have already gained a tremendous amount of insight into the field of public relations. The Renaissance Center is a beautiful venue and the atmosphere is contagiously exciting-in the words of Mike Cherenson, Chair Elect of PRSA, “everyone is drinking the kool-aid.”

It has been hard deciding on what workshops to sit in on because they all sound great! So far, we have attended presentations about crisis communication, pitching like pros, global communication, branding, fundraising, how to succeed in the office without really trying, and how to make the most of our resources.

This morning, we attended keynotes by Ofield Duke, fellow PRSA and the “god mother of PRSSA,” Betsy Plank. We couldn’t believe our eyes when Betsy Plank took the podium. As members of PRSSA, we felt privileged to be in the same room as the founder of our beloved organization. After the chapter roll call, we were lucky enough to catch her in between the PRSA conference and luncheon. It was an honor to shake the hand of the woman that made it all possible. 

It has been wonderful meeting members from other chapters, including the University of Georgia, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, University of Southern Georgia, and our fellow Iowans at the University of Northern Iowa and Iowa State.

Stay posted for more updates from the National Conference! 

PRSSA Love —Tegan