A Word from the Wise…Diana Kelter

Hello PRSSA members of 2009,

My name is Diana Kelter and I am a PRSSA alum who graduated from Iowa last May.  As a recent graduate I want to give all of you advice that you have not heard a million times. However, before I do I want to say the one thing that can never be said enough, ENJOY EVERY ASPECT OF COLLEGE FROM START TO FINISH.  I spent so much time during my last year of college anticipating graduation or worrying about my future when I could of spent that time soaking up every moment of a time I will never get back. Live up every experience you can because you will miss it when it is done.

The first piece of advice I want to give all of you is to not let your major define you, but your interests and passions. I was an interesting case for PRSSA because I was the only History/ Political Science major.  While most people assumed I would go into law or teaching, I looked past the direct path and found my own.  I didn’t figure out until I was a junior in college that being a lawyer was never my true passion and playing catch up has been difficult. It may take me a little longer to find my place in PR because of that, but I feel in the end the reward will be greater.

My second piece of advice is the most important. Experience is the most important thing in Public Relations.  I don’t want to tell you  not to care about your grades, but gaining experience in the field is even more important. All of you are already a step ahead by being in PRSSA, so use that experience to the fullest potential.  Second, if you cannot find an internship don’t be afraid to create a version of your own. This summer I worked for a catering company and I told them I would be willing to do unpaid writing and public relations work to gain experience and they have given me a ton of great opportunities. So don’t be afraid to ask because it could turn into a great experience.

PRSSA was a great experience for me and it truly helped me understand the field of public relations while providing great opportunities along the way. I am sure the new executive team will continue to push PRSSA to new lengths and find even more success. I wish all of you the best of luck this year and know you will do great things.