Polar Plunge Photos

Inspire PR members pose for a photo before plunging at Iowa City's Polar Plunge.

Members of Inspire PR and the PRSSA Executive Board participated in Iowa City Polar Plunge on Sat., March 24. Warm weather came to Iowa City early this year, and Saturday was no exception. New plungers and returning plungers enjoyed the experience and quick dip into the surprisingly refreshing Coralville lake to raise money for Iowa Special Olympics!

Inspire PR and members of Exec pose for a photo after plunging!

New Semester-Welcome

Hi everyone!  Welcome to your Spring semester at the UI and welcome to PRSSA!  Tonight was our first chapter meeting, and there was an awesome turnout!! We covered a lot in a short period of time.  It may seem overwhelming at first, but it just goes to show that PRSSA has something for everyone, whether it is Firm Committee, Newsletter, Events Committee, or getting involved in some community service!  I hope you’ll all get involved with something, since these are all great ways to get real-world PR experience right within PRSSA and meet new people.

Something for us this semester is the “color” groups (mine is green!), where each exec member heads up a group (identifiable by its color) of members.  This is just a way to, A) help everyone get to know each other better, and B) lets members ask questions–about anything–in a more relaxed environment (so you don’t have to ask it in front of 50 other people).

So, get geared up for a great semester and be sure to start marking your calendars for some sweet events:

  • THIS FRIDAY!! Jan  29, 4-7 PM, F.W.C. (Friday’s With Class) at Share Wine Lounge & Small Plate Bistro–they are a Firm client and this is the first event of its kind.  Bring  your friends and kick back with food & drink specials!
  • Feb. 10, 7 pm, E120 AJB–Next chapter  meeting
  • March 27–Polar Plunge–Raises money for Special Olympics
  • April 23–Company Tour, Chicago

**More events to come, this is just a sampling of what we’ve got goin’ on!

And, don’t forget to find us on Twitter: @iowaprssa


PRSSA’s Growing Firm

PRSSA’s student-run firm has turned a new leaf this semester. Both Tina Larson and I, co-firm directors, wanted to expand the firm. With some hard work, we managed to generate new interest in PRSSA members and now firm has a 15-member committee! Our new firm members are committed to our clients and together we have accomplished more than expected thus far. With new clients, new members, and a new outlook, firm is well on its way to become nationally affiliated within the next couple of years.

With increased membership, firm has been able to take on more clients because the workload is dispersed. Firm is excited to have five new account executives and a few assistant account executives. Students have stepped up to the plate and volunteered their time and effort in return for public relations experience. Joining firm is a great way to heighten experience in the field as Monica Madura mentioned in her presentation last week. Firm supplies members with bullet points to put on their resumes because students are assigned responsibilities and held accountable for seeing them through.

Currently firm has five clients including: Ponseti Races, American Cancer Society, Colleges Against Cancer/Relay for Life, Polar Plunge/Iowa Special Olympics and Landlocked Film Festival. Ponseti Races was firm’s first event which took place Friday, October 16, 2009. This is a new client to firm. Ponseti Races launched its first 5K race this year to raise awareness of clubfoot and to honor Dr. Ponseti of the UI Hospitals who pioneered a non-surgical procedure to cure clubfoot. American Cancer Society is in the process of creating a Johnson County newsletter, and firm would be in charge of content and design of that newsletter. In conjunction, firm will be assisting Colleges against Cancer with the publicity and promotion for the UI Relay for Life held April 16, 2010. Firm will also be helping Polar Plunge with publicity this year which will take place on March 27, 2010. Landlocked is firm’s summer client, and we will help with publicity and promotions for the Landlocked Film Festival which will take place in August of 2010.

Joining firm is a great way to gain hands-on experience in public relations. This year’s firm growth has excited PRSSA, and we hope to keep on growing.

By: Paul Spooner, Co-Firm Director

‘Freezin’ for a Reason!’ Special Olympics Polar Plunge

On Saturday, March 28, the University of Iowa PRSSA firm participated in the Special Olympics Polar Plunge.  The tagline, “freezin’ for a reason!” rang true: it was cold.  The last few weeks of March had been surprisingly warm for Iowa standards, yet the one day we decided to jump in the Coralville lake, it was snowy and cold.  Despite my disdain for cold weather, I can say we all had a great time.  Our team costume theme was 80’s and special kudos to Sarah Washler, Allie Howarth and Paul Spooner who demonstrated the most team spirit!


From top left: Allie Howarth, Stephanie Block, Sarah Washler, Paul Spooner, Megan McIntyre, Caroline Jones, Natalie Dubs, Natalie's roommate

PRSSA is proud to have helped Special Olympics Iowa raise more than $33,000 in donations that went to help fund the Special Olympics competition in Iowa City.  This is an event I hope our Firm continues to remain actively involved with.

— Caroline Jones