A summer in Italy

This past summer I spent three months in Naples, Italy working with the Camp Adventure Youth Services program. I was able to provide military families with an amazing opportunity for their children, while living in a beautiful location. This program not only offers an amazing trip, but the opportunity to obtain credit hours toward your education.

With the program I spent my days working with children ages 11-13. This was a very unique experience for me as I have never really had such hands-on experience with this age group. We provided a fun environment so the children could unwind and escape from the realities of everyday life. Since they come from military families, the stresses of life can be a little bit more demanding than your typical child.

Aside from the work I did with Camp Adventure, I was able to travel all over Italy. I went to Rome, Venice, Florence, Capri Island and many other breathtaking locations. This was an opportunity I would have never been given if I didn’t get involved with this program.

I truly can’t stress enough how this abroad experience has helped with my growth as an individual as well as my growth as a professional. I think that going abroad is something that every student should participate in, whether it be studying abroad, participating in a program like Camp Adventure, or even taking a vacation. The experiences that you have while in a new culture is something that will stay with you for life.

So I encourage you, as someone with the experience to take any opportunity given to you, because in the end it could be a great chapter in your life!

By Megan McIntyre, Vice President